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United Summit Center is a comprehensive mental health center serving seven counties in
north central West Virginia. United Summit Center and United Hospital Center work together to offer a comprehensive mental health delivery system.



Program Services

The MR/DD Waiver Program is a Federal and State funded program through Medicaid Title XIX Homes and Community Based Services to assist, support, and train those with mental disabilities. Here, at the United Summit Center, we provide services to children and adults, as well as their families, with mental retardation and developmental disabilities such as in-home care, community resources, and daily needs. In order to meet the needs of each individual and promote a level of self-reliance, we provide a variety of support services which include:

  • Psychological Services
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Nursing Services
  • Behavior Management
  • Respite Care
  • Extended Physician Services
  • Service Coordination
  • Transportation
  • Pre-Vocational Training
  • Supported Employment
  • Crisis Services
  • Adult Companion

Psychological Services:
Psychological services are provided to individuals to meet behavioral, emotional, and cognitive needs through a comprehensive psychological evaluation. The evaluation will measure intellectual functioning, adaptive behaviors, and other age-specific or disability-specific methods.

Psychiatric Services:
Psychiatric services are provided to individuals first entering the Waiver Program through a Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation Examination which will include history, mental status, and disposition. The Examination may require communication with family or other sources.

Nursing Services:
Nursing services are provided to each individual as determined by his or her individual treatment plan and will be delivered by a registered professional nurse, or a licensed practical nurse or under the supervision of a registered nurse, licensed to practice in West Virginia.

Behavior Management:
Behavioral Management services are provided to each individual during the day within the agency, in the community, and at home to promote independence and teach daily living skills. Behavioral support encourages individuals to reduce challenging behaviors and adopt more socially valuable skills vocationally, nutritionally, hygienically, and intellectually.

Respite Care:
Respite Care services are offered to individuals on a temporary basis in the absence of a primary care giver. Respite Care is offered as a relief to the primary care giver to provide care provisionally to prevent breakdown due to the physical burden and emotional stress continuous care of a dependent can cause.

Extended Physician Services:
Extended Physician Services consists of an annual comprehensive medical evaluation to assess physical agility, blood levels, medications, and recommendation for additional services. In the event an individual requires specific needs outside the realm of mental health, i.e., physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc., an outside source will be contracted.

Service Coordination:
Service Coordination primarily focuses to design a person-specific process to coordinate services and activities that will ensure reliable, accessible, and continuous lifetime support. In addition, this service guarantees those with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to make meaningful choices with regard to his/her care, and his/her inclusion into the community.

Transportation Services are accessible to individuals by agency staff when travelling to or from a work site, community activity, medical appointment, treatment plan meeting, or to and from the Supportive Community Living Unit.

Pre-Vocational Training:
Pre-Vocational Training services are implemented to assist an individual in developing and sustaining work and work-related skills including, but not limited to, following directions and carrying out assigned duties, compliance with workplace rules, and workplace problem solving.

Supported Employment:
Supported Employment services are intended to assist an individual engaging in paid, competitive work in the community. Services are offered when the likelihood of acquiring and maintaining employment at or above the minimum wage independently is unlikely without support due to the nature and complexity of their disability. Services include job coaching, transportation, on-the-job training, and vocational counseling.

Crisis Services:
Crisis Services is an acute, short-term service provided when and individual is exhibiting unmanageable and/or inappropriate behaviors requiring intense behavioral or psychiatric care. The goal is to respond immediately, assess the situation, and utilize positive behavioral support planning, interventions, strategies, adaptive training, and direct care to return the individual to a manageable state.

Adult Companion:
An Adult Companion, otherwise known as a Behavioral Health Technician (BHT),  provide supervision and socialization to individuals while in the home or in the community. BHTs may assist in daily activities such as meal preparation, laundry, and community outings for grocery shopping and community events. 

The United Summit Center and the MR/DD Department work closely with area school systems and other professionals to ensure the needs of the individual are met through proper curriculum, classroom setting, and teacher-therapist collaboration.

Eligibility for MR/DD Waiver
In order to participate in the MR/DD Waiver Program through United Summit Center, an individual must meet the following medical criteria:

  • Have a diagnosis of Mental Retardation(MR), or a similar diagnosis causing an individual to function like someone who has MR,
  • Have at least three (3) substantial functional limitations.
    • Self-care – ability to complete basic activities such as dressing, toileting, eating, bathing, and simple meal preparations.
    • Learning – cognitive competence and ability to acquire new behaviors, perceptions, and information and apply experience to new situations.
    • Mobility – ability to use fine and gross motor skills, ability to move one’s self from one place to another with or without mechanical aids.
    • Capacity for Independent Living – ability to perform routine household chores, exhibit social skills, safety, understand basic first aid and emergency response, appreciate danger, make use of community services, shop for necessary items, engage in age-appropriate leisure activities, and engage in work activities.
    • Self-Direction – ability to make choices and initiate activities, ability to choose an active lifestyle or remain passive, and ability to engage in or demonstrate an interest in preferred activities.
    • Receptive or expressive language – ability to communicate by any means, whether verbal, nonverbal/gestures, or with assistive devices; it does not include articulation (how well they say it).

Note: In order to be considered substantial, adaptive behavior scores from the psychological evaluation must meet certain criteria.

  • Require a level of care provided in an Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded (ICF/MR), which provides 24/7 care.

Applying for Waiver
To apply for the MR/DD Waiver Program through the United Summit Center, please call 1-800-SUMMIT-0 or 1-800-786648-0 to schedule an appointment and complete the application form (DD-14). The United Summit Center will fill out and submit the application along with the medical evaluation, psychological evaluation, social history, and individual treatment plan within 45 days of submission of the DD-14 Waiver Application Form.

To Make an Appointment
To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact our Main Office at 1-800-SUMMIT-0 or (304) 623-5661

8:30am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday
(evening hours by appointment at some locations)

24 Hour Crisis Line


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