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United Summit Center is a comprehensive mental health center serving seven counties in
north central West Virginia. United Summit Center and United Hospital Center work together to offer a comprehensive mental health delivery system.


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About United Summit Center

We do offer both individual and group therapy treatments, as well as pharmocological management if indicated, to assist with anger and impulse control issues.  Please call the Center at 1-800-SUMMIT-0 to set up an appointment to evaluate your individual needs. 

United Summit Center is a private, non-profit comprehensive behavioral health center serving Harrison, Marion, Lewis, Taylor, Braxton, Doddridge, and Gilmer Counties in North Central West Virginia.  (See our Site Directory for Directions)

United Summit Center offers a full continuum of outpatient services to meet consumer needs in the areas of Crisis Intervention, Mental Health, Addiction Recovery, or Developmental Disabilities services.  Programs are available to provide for the treatment needs of children, adolescents, adults and older adults.

Our individualized approach to assessment and treatment delivery ensures that appropriate care is delivered in the most efficient fashion.  A thorough assessment provides the basis for accurate identification of consumer needs.  Consumers are actively involved in the development of a treatment plan that realistically addresses identified needs.  Treatment services, delivered by qualified professionals and paraprofessionals, are designed to remediate symptoms and maximize consumer independence.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact our Main Office at 1-800-786-6476 or (304) 623-5661 between the hours of 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

In the case of a life-threatening emergency or mental health crisis after hours, please go to the nearest emergency room, call 911 or 1-800-SUMMT-0 (1-800-786-6480).

Call the front desk at (304) 623-5661 as soon as possible after you become aware that you cannot come to your appointment. You can leave a message on the voice mail if you are calling outside of office hours. Please try to call at least 24 hours before your scheduled meeting.

United Summit Center does have an extensive charity care program that may be able to assist with your therapeutic needs.  Additionally, through case management or care  coordination services, it is possible that you can be linked to one of the many patient assistance programs available to help with medications.  I would suggest calling the Center at 1-800-SUMMIT-0 to set up an appointment.

United Summit Center does offer 24-hour support and care through the Title XIX IDD Waiver Program for qualifying individuals.  If your uncle is currently receiving Title XIX IDD Waiver services from United Summit Center, it is likely that his Case Manager has already made arrangements to provide for his care in the absence of your grandmother.  If you are unsure of these potential arrangements, please feel free to contact the Director of Operations to discuss the issue further. 

I would suggest speaking with someone from the judge's office to determine what paperwork they may need in reference to your case.

United Summit Center offers many programs that may allow your child to remain in the home while receiving treatment.  We typically recommend the least restrictive treatment that will meet your child's needs.  Often, outpatient or in-school services are sufficient to help.  In more extreme cases, crisis stabilization services, provided on an outpatient basis while your child remains in the home, are necessary.  I would encourage you to call the Center and ask to speak to a crisis or children's services representative to set up a face to face assessment so that we may help you to determine what services will best work in your child's case. 

Your son may qualify for United Summit Center programs such as 1) intensive outpatient therapy, which typically meets for 6-9 hours per week, 2) outpatient crisis stabilization, an intensive 4-6 hour per day, short-term program, or 3) his therapy time in outpatient or school-based therapy might be expanded to meet his needs.  I would suggest talking with your son's case manager or therapist to discuss these options. 

Any potential patient at the John D. Good Recovery Center must first be evaluated and referred for admission as appropriate.  The most expedient way to be referred is to "walk-in" the the United Summit Center outpatient site nearest you, ask to see a crisis worker, and then express that you would like to be referred to JDG for treatment.  If you are experiencing a crisis situation now, or during any wait period to be admitted to JDG, you should go to your nearest emergency room for immediate attention.

Yes, we do provide walk-in crisis assistance.  Simply go to your nearest United Summit Center location during normal business hours, and ask to see a crisis worker.  If you cannot stop by during business hours, call the 24-hour hotline at 1-800-SUMMIT-0 for assistance.  Same-day services, beyond the initial intake/crisis visit, are offered dependent upon the immediacy of your needs.  We have many programs in which clients may enroll the same day, and others which may be scheduled in the days subsequent to your first visit.  The crisis or intake worker will be able to discuss your needs and desires, and determine the best service fit for you. 

United Summit Center provides a great deal of free and/or reduced cost care each year for those in need.  Please call or stop by the United Summit Center location in your community to discuss options with an intake worker.

There are some basic guidelines to qualify.  However, each case is different, and there are many options to ensure that each and every person gets the assistance they need, regardless of ability to pay.  I would encourage you to call the Center to discuss your specific situation, and options for assistance.

Bath Salts is the name for a new synthetic drug that can be purchased at some convenience stores, novelty shops throughout the state.

The active ingredients in bath salts are usually MDPV and mephedrone, although there are other unknown ingredients that can be found in the bath salts. Although there was a recent federal ban on bath salts, MDPV, and mephedrone invoked in September 2011, users were able to hoard the bath salts and the base ingredients while it was still legal. There are reports that the bath salts can be created in labs similar to the meth labs used to make crystal meth.

If you need help with bath salts or any other drug use:

Call United Summit Center at 1-800-SUMMIT-0 to arrange a confidential meeting to discuss appropriate treatment options. 

United Summit Center does accept Medicare, as well as Medicaid and various private insurances.  We also accept private pay patients, and have an extensive charity care program for those that qualify and may have difficulties paying for services.  Please call the Center at 1-800-SUMMIT-0 to discuss your particular situation.

United Summit Center does not offer the court ordered parenting class required in West Virginia prior to a divorce.  Please contact your local family court for information on providers of these classes.  United Summit Center does, however, offer a variety of family intervention and  therapy options, if these services are needed.

Please contact your Therapist or Case Manager, and they will guide you through the charity care process.  Or, contact the Billing Office at 304-623-5661, extension 1288, if you wish to make payment arrangements.

Day care services are available for the general public, as well as for United Summit Center employees.  Feel free to contact the Day Care at 304-623-5661, extension1265, to schedule a tour. 

United Summit Center does treat individuals that have been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Treatment typically involves traditional therapy services, and may also include medication management as indicated by consumer need.  I would encourage you to call the Center to set up an intake appointment, then work staff to create a plan that may work well for you.

United Summit Center has many options available for those that may not be able to pay for treatment, including charity care.  Please call the Center to discuss these options with a representative. 

United Summit Center discourages the continued use of tobacco products, even while in residential substance abuse treatment.  However, for those that have not yet stopped tobacco use, smoking is permitted at designated intervals.

Behavioral Health Technicians (BHTs) are paid based on relevant skills and experience.  United Summit Center is currently offering a $750 sign-on bonus to individuals hired as  BHT-Community and BHT-Residential. Some exclusions apply. 

Please contact Melony Johnson, Human Resources Clerk at (304) 623-5661 ext.1342 for more information and to schedule an interview.

We do work with individuals that display these types of behaviors, adolescent and adult alike.  I would suggest that you contact the Center immediately at 1-800-SUMMIT-0 to set up an appointment for evaluation.  In the interim, until an appointment can be scheduled, please use caution and seek immediate medical attention in any instance in which your child physically harms herself. 

United Summit Center does offer services to couples and the family at-large.  However, it is recommended that a full assessment is completed prior to determining what course of action, to potentially include family or couples counseling, might be most beneficial.  Please contact the Center at 1-800-SUMMIT-0 to discuss your particular circumstances with an intake worker.

We do work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  However, we do not accept Virginia Medicaid.  Please contact the Center at 1-800-SUMMIT-0 to discuss alternate funding arrangements.

Our Case Managers provide supports for persons with disabilities in the community, and assist them in gaining access to needed services.  Transportation of clients from time to time is a job requirement.

I'm glad to hear that the information has been helpful.  Please let us know if there are additional ways in which we may be of assistance.

Family members, or concerned others, cannot call to find out the status of a patient in treatment unless the patient has first signed a consent to release information to the respective party.  This rule protects the patient's right to confidentiality insofar as his or her treatment is concerned.

Yes, we can help to coordinate outpatient care with United Summit Center no matter the hospital, or doctor, that sees you on an inpatient basis.

Not necessarily.  At times, there are questions regarding the health status of an individual presenting for admission to the CSU.  In these instances, medical clearance from the ER is sometimes requested prior to admission.  However, in most instances, medical clearance is not required.

Our recommendation is always that the process of detoxification from drugs or alcohol be undertaken under the supervision of qualified therapeutic and medical staff.  Please call the crisis line at 1-800-SUMMIT-0 to review options that your friend may access to assist in the recovery process.

We do accept older patients at John D. Good, though 45 is not necessarily "old" when discussing the typical age of patients receiving treatment.  Please call JDG directly at 3404-789-3142 to discuss treatment options for your family member.

As with recovery from the use of any substance, success is dependent upon many factors.  It is vital that your family member continue to receive professional assistance as well as assistance from other supportive systems such as family, friends, and the 12-step community in order to maintain a healthy recovery. 

The length of any of our programs falls within a typical range.  However, length of stay is dictated by progress in treatment.  I would encourage you to call 1-800-SUMMIT-0 to discuss a specific program and the typical length of stay range.

Te payment that is accepted is dependent upon the service, and the clinician(s) delivering the service.  Please call 1-800-SUMMIT-0 to discuss specific services and payment sources that may be billed.

We do treat patients experiencing difficulties with anxiety.  Our goal is typically to treat all patients in the community first, unless their presenting condition poses a safety risk and precludes them from outpatient treatment.

The rules for each residential program are different.  I would suggest contacting the particular program to ask questions about specific rules.  If issues cannot be resolved, please contact the main Center at 1-800-SUMMIT-0 and ask to speak with the Director of Operations.

To Make an Appointment
To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact our Main Office at 1-800-SUMMIT-0 or (304) 623-5661

8:30am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday
(evening hours by appointment at some locations)

24 Hour Crisis Line


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