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United Summit Center is a comprehensive mental health center serving seven counties in
north central West Virginia. United Summit Center and United Hospital Center work together to offer a comprehensive mental health delivery system.


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Depression Late In Life

By Robert P. Roca, M.D., M.P.H.
Director of Geriatric Services
Sheppard Pratt Hospital

Myths About Mental Illness

If you are grappling with mental illness yourself or in your family, but you avoid talking about it or seeking services... you are not alone. The truth is that many people avoid the topic of mental illness and are reluctant to get treatment for their illness. Often this is due to misconceptions they people have about mental illness, which contributes to and leads many people to be ashamed and prevents them from seeking help. Overcoming stigma and the barriers it creates requires accurate information about mental illness.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of winter depression that affects an estimated half a million people every winter between September and April, in particular during December, January and February.

Time Management

If you are like me, you find that your life tends to get busier and busier and you wish that you could find a way to cram a few more hours in each day.  Sometimes the demands of work, home, finances, and all the other areas of our lives that need attention can overwhelm us.  For many, the more that they have to do, the harder it becomes to get anything done.


Here we are a little over six weeks into the new school year. Has your child’s teachers sent notes home saying that your child is easily distracted? Were the grades on his or her report card not what you expected? Has your child been having trouble with other children at school? Have friends and relatives told you that your son or daughter is a little immature, but they will grow out of it? Could your child have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

Alcohol Is Common In Our Society

Alcohol is common in our society. The level of commercialization and corporate sponsorships has made it practically impossible to avoid seeing advertisements for alcoholic beverages. The companies that make alcoholic beverages have associated themselves with just about any mainstream activity, from sporting events, movies, to charitable organizations. The fact that the use of alcohol is so visible and accepted in the world that we live in has overshadowed the fact that alcohol is a drug that contributes to many health and social problems.

Am I Depressed?

By David W. Goodman, M.D.
Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Although at first glance this subject may appear to be simple, in my experience as a psychiatrist, it is not. Although most readers of this newsletter are well acquainted with the symptoms psychiatrists use to diagnose depression, a person experiencing depression often doesn't realize that he or she is depressed.

Children and Violence

All parents deal with conflict and aggression at one time or another, it is one of the most challenging issues in parenting. Challenging not only because of the effect that aggressive behavior has within the family, but also due to the potential impact it has in our schools, our communities, and the long-term development of our children. Too often the results of aggressive behavior in children are violent acts that jeopardize the health, safety and future of us all.

Depression & Parenting

Raising children is challenging for any parent given the many demands placed on parents in today’s world.  When a parent has depression, the parenting can be even more overwhelming.

Children and Divorce

Going through a divorce is never pleasant. It is a painful process those involved and unfortunately, many divorcing families include children. Parents frequently worry about the effects of the divorce on their children, but sometimes the feelings, needs and concerns of children take a backseat as parents become preoccupied with their own problems and emotional trauma. Parents must remember that a divorce equally impacts their children and as parents they continue to be the most important people in their child’s life.

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